Our passion is unrelentless and we continues to push boundaries through creative conceptual design utilising the wonderful skills of Africa’s artisans.
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A variety of  realistic ceramic animals are offered ,both functional and decorative in design, in variety of sizes lrg/med/sml. Big 5 ,giraffe,zebra and African wilddog salt and pepper sets. inquire about this product


Bead & Wire Art

These well known bead & wire animals are superior in quality compared to the common versions sold on street corner/markets across the country. Produced in townships surrounding Cape Town. inquire about this product


Wood design

Jacaranda carved giraffe available in assorted sizes as a full body creature or just the neck up. Teak ashtray and napkin ring, hot plate and bread board , hand carved magnets  & keyrings and t light holders available in big


Metal Art

A variety of options available. inquire about this product

tea light printed  sml

Assorted Hand Crafts

A variety of options available. enquire about this product



A colourful range of telephone scooby wire photo-frames,keyrings/magnets and 3d animals. inquire about this product


Hand Knitted and Embroidery

Wonderful hand-knitted animals available as key-rings and doll,available as leopard/elephant/lion/zebra/giraffe/monkey and warthog ,hand knitted by Zimbabwean ladies. Embroidered range of purses,bags,pillows. inquire about this product


Head Phone Wire

The range comprises elephant sml and giraffe in a lrg/sml size and frog, gecko and reindeer in a sml size. The eyes are made from upcycled headphone wire earpieces and tails have the plug fitting , only in red coloured

digi print leather ladies handbag

Out Of Africa Collection

Functional & classic Safari range of accessories that include bone-horn bowls,photo frames, jewellery boxes, t-lights, ladies bags, men’s and ladies hats,serving spoons and much more. Safari hats available with/without logo and range of keyholders/pouch keyring with logo can be ordered.



Fine crafted sea shell bowls and other accessories. inquire about this product


Zulu beadwork

A collection of hand scupltured fine copper wire and glass bead homeware/decor,contemporary,functional and high end ,this collection is crafted by a small group of zulu ladies/ men in the rural villages of South Africa .the range comprises of Ntaba baskets,